Choosing the Right Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliate marketing programs are growing in popularity as a profitable business venture online. Today, doing business and earning money can easily be done online. You set up an interesting website, place very helpful web content and market your products. But with the intense competition among online businesses, you need to employ the right techniques to gain edge over other businesses.

Affiliate marketing is one of the many ways to get the boost you need to push your business to the top.

These programs offer many opportunities to both advertisers and publishers. Advertisers pay only when there is an equivalent conversion or acquisition made. Publishers join programs that are suitable to their needs and preferences making this method of earning money not only profitable but also flexible.

There are many that claim to be the best. As an affiliate marketer, how do you choose one that is right for you? And if you plan to create a program, what features should you have to attract many affiliate marketers?


When looking into affiliate marketing programs, you also need to look at the clients involved in the program. The best programs have popular clients because they offer quality products and services.

Enlisting to a program that has clients with poor reputation in the market would only be a waste of time and effort. Even the best marketing strategies could not counterbalance the inferior quality of their products and services. Choose programs that will ensure profitability on your end. These programs have clients that produce products and services which are very in-demand in the market.


Affiliate marketing programs have different methods of giving commissions. Commissions are given per sale, per click or lead produced. Huge commissions can make all your hard work worthwhile. The best commissions are at 75%. But these are usually given to every sale made. If the clients make very high sales, make sure you get 50% or more commission. Getting below 50% would be a waste of your time. Unlike pay per sale, some programs pay commissions for every click or lead produced.

Choose affiliate marketing programs that offer $1 commission for every lead made. These types of programs usually give restrictions to promotions. For physical products, it is too much to ask for more than 50% commission especially for products that have a low mark-up. As a general rule, choose affiliate marketing programs that give $40 commission for ever sale of physical products.

Check to see the terms and conditions on commissions before enlisting into affiliate marketing programs.


Affiliate marketing programs work on various areas in the market. Choose the program where you have a variety of options to be profitable. You will know that the market is lucrative if there are many affiliates competing. The market should also have many available niche search terms. The high demand, the healthy competition and the high number of niche search terms offer high potentiality of being converted into concrete sales and, in your end, commissions.


What I Have Learnt From the Warrior Forum

I have been in the internet marketing world for over a year now and like many of you I have discovered the warrior forum, I think this took me longer than most but boy am I glad that I have found it. For any of you that don’t know, the warrior forum is a forum specifically for internet marketers, with sub forums for WSO’s (warrior special offers), social media marketing, joint ventures, article marketing, website design and many more.

After scanning the forum for a few weeks and gaining an incredible amount of advice from different warrior members I decided to join up and ask some questions of my own. Making a thread, where you can ask your question is easy enough, I asked about the signature (the little piece of writing with links at the bottom of each post) and what I should put in mine. Within minutes the thread was full of helpful warriors answering my question, giving great advice and genuinely wanting to help me out. I’ve also tried to answer some questions too and chatted to some great internet marketers who have all been more than pleasant and very eager to advise.

This is what I love about the warrior forum, it feels like a community and a great one to be in, where people help and support each other and where we can all progress together.

There are many other things to explore on the warrior forum and if you are not currently a member I suggest you get yourself over there as soon as possible!

Make Money Online: The 7 Secrets Of Internet Marketing

Are you losing money with your Internet Marketing Business? If not, are you making less than you hoped to? Would you like to know how to earn more?

If the answer to any of these questions was “Yes”, this article will give you the secrets to building the business you desire, but first you must understand three principles.

First Principle:

What goes around comes around. If your motivation is just to make money, you might as well quit now. Your motivation has to be to help people by providing something they want or need: the money comes as a result of filling that want or need.

Second Principle:

You will need to invest some of your own money, as well as time, to build any business. You will also need to reinvest your profits to build the business. Anything else is just a hobby.

Third Principle:

There is no magic button – you will have to work at it. It may not be hard work, but you will need to work consistently, according to a plan, for some period of time. Depending on the business and the tools you choose, that time may be measured in weeks, months or years.

The good news is that it will all be worth it: you CAN have a successful Internet Business if you apply these three principles and learn the Seven Secrets.

Secret 1: A Product

You must have something that other people want – a product. It may be your own product or service, or someone else’s product that you get paid for promoting. Whatever it is, it must be something that interests you personally, that you believe in, and that has a market.

Secret 2: An Autoresponder

You will need to build an online relationship with your prospects and customers through email. An autoresponder is the tool for this: it enables you to send personalized emails to every prospect or customer you have.

Secret 3: A Lead Capture Page

You may not need a full website, but you certainly need a web page where people (prospects) can leave their name and email address to enable you to contact them. This page should include some incentive for them to give you their information: a newsletter,a free gift or a special offer.

Secret 4: A Sales Page

Once signed up, a prospect becomes lead. Your financial goal is to sell this lead your product, and for this you will need a sales page, describing what the product will do to satisfy your lead’s needs or wants.

Secret 5: Follow-up emails

Leads don’t generally buy from you unless they know you, like you and trust you not to cheat them. The follow-up emails build this relationship for you. If your product has these emails already prepared for you to use, so much the better: you may edit them to match your own personality if you choose.

Secret 6: A Traffic Builder

None of this works if nobody sees your offer: you need traffic. There are many ways to build traffic if you don’t mind waiting a few years, but a good solo ad provider is the secret to building your business fast. Solo ads are advertisements sent out by a solo ad provider on your behalf. They are not free, but, used wisely, a good solo ad provider can provide a substantial return on investment very quickly.

Secret 7: Training

None of us knows everything about Internet Marketing. Whether you’re a complete beginner, or have been doing it for years, there is always more to learn – that’s one thing that makes it fun! You will need to allocate some time each week to learning something new about the changing scene of Internet Marketing.

Review the three principles to see if Internet Marketing is for you. If so, use the seven secrets to build a profitable business. Enjoy your journey to prosperity!

Acquiring all the tools needed for the Seven Secrets of Internet Marketing can be expensive and time consuming. An autoresponder alone, for example, can cost anything from $15 to $300 or so per month, and you can spend thousands of dollars on training. I know – I have done so in the past!

Make Money with Amazon, Yahoo and ebooks

The internet has opened up many new ways to earn money. Now almost everyone can easily start making money online. While there are many methods and
techniques to earn money on the internet, selling ebooks, using the Amazon affiliate program and starting your own Yahoo Store are some of the easiest
for people who do not have much experience in internet marketing.

Making money with ebooks

Ebooks are basically informational content that is being sold online. Most of the ebooks being sold on the internet are instructional how-to guides
which answer people’s questions about a specific need. These could be guides on making money online, fixing computer problems, training your dog,
relationship advice and more.

What most people don’t realize is that while the sales pages may tout the guides as being the ultimate sources of exclusive, top secret information
that is impossible to find anywhere else, this is actually far from being actually the case. The same information found in these guides can usually be
located by spending a few hours of searching and putting together your findings. All that the authors do is rewrite common methods, advice and
information, and sometimes add their own advice based on their knowledge of the subject. This means that you do not have to be a professional writer
to put together a successful ebook, but you should at least have some knowledge and interest in the topic of the guide you are writing.

Once you have your ebook written, you need a way to sell it. You will need to set up a website with a sales letter that tells people what your product
is about and most importantly why they should buy it. While writing good sales copy takes some practice, you can get some ideas from the sales pages
of other products on the internet. To take payments and deliver the product, you can set up a “buy it now” button in your PayPal account that will
redirect buyers to download your ebook once they have made the payment.

To sell your ebook, you can buy text advertisements and banner ads on sites which deal with the topic your ebook is written about, such as forums.

While it may seem like a challenging task at first, after you gain an understanding of the details of how to write and promote ebooks, you can have a
lot of success. For more information, you can visit popular internet marketing forums such as The Warrior Forum ( and Digital
Point (

How to make money with the Amazon affiliate program offers an affiliate program with which you can earn money by placing links to Amazon products on your website or blog. Depending on the
item that was bought by the client, you will receive a commission ranging from 4% to 15% of its price.

Joining the Amazon Associates program is easy, and can be done by visiting their website at .

To make money from Amazon’s affiliate program, you first need to have a website or a blog. For example, if you have a blog that talks about books, you
can put Amazon affiliate links to the books that you recommend. You will then earn money if one of your visitors makes a purchase using your link.

How to start your own Yahoo Store

A Yahoo store is a great tool that lets small businesses sell their products online. To start building your store, simply go to

You will then be able to choose the package which suits your needs. Packages start at $39.95 and up, and vary depending on the features offered.

Once you have signed up, you can begin designing your store front, adding items, as well as customizing options such as available payment methods.
Yahoo makes it brain-dead easy for you to accept payments online, prepare orders for shipping, track sent orders, as well as manage your customer’s


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How To Flip Websites, Make Clickbank Cash, and Make Serious Dollars With Google Adsense

Need a little extra cash in these tough economic times? If so, then you may have just found a gold mine, because this article will show you ways to
make money from your home, and with virtually no expense to you!

Make Money Flipping Websites

Ever heard of flipping houses? Flipping websites is basically the same process, only WAY cheaper and faster!

Here’s how to get started:

1. Buy An Existing Web Property- Sites like,,, and many other online website auctioneers have plenty
of them.

2. Fix Er Up- Do a little research on the website’s niche, and then figure the best way to make the site better. It varies based on site, but
sometimes just fixing up the theme or adding pictures (royalty free images at for cheap) can drastically help.

Another thing you could do is add an interactive forum. You can create one using web forum software like Or you could build a
subscriber list by adding an email optin form, which you can create with free services like The more subscribers or active members in
the forum, the more you’ll be able to sell your site for later!

3. Flip It- Now go back to an auction site and sell the site for more than you bought it for. Expect to buy basic, but decent looking sites for
$20-$50, and sell them for $100-$300!

How to Make Clickbank Cash is basically the number 1 place for ebooks and digital download products. For potential buyers Clickbank is a great way to find good,
usable information on pretty much any topic you can imagine–from dating advice, to health advice, and a ton more.

For affiliates like yourself, Clickbank is a great way to make cash. Here is how it all works:

1. Sign Up and Do Some Product Research – To start, you will need an account. That’s easy to get, just sign up at Then you should start
researching a “niche”. Focus on something specific. For example, instead of just “golf” try finding a product on “stopping golf slices”.

2. More Research, Get Links – Once you’ve done some initial market research and found a few, specific products, narrow it down to your top 1 or 2.
Review the sales page, and check out the Gravity of the product (Gravity basically indicates what is selling right now). Usually, the higher the
Gravity, the better the chance you have to make a sale.

Try out the product yourself if you can, and always ask for review copies. Talk to the vendor himself. If the vendor isn’t professional and
responsive, then that may indicate its not a very good product to promote.

You want to make sure people who buy from them (through you) are satisfied. After you know your winner, get the affiliate link by following
Clickbank’s easy to use instructions located in the “Clickbank Marketplace”.

3. Promote!- Finally, you just need to promote your new affiliate product. One of the best ways is writing articles about your niche topic, and then
posting your affiliate link in the resource box.

But if you want more exposure, create an email list, and promote it to the list of interested, targeted subscribers. You can also join forums in the
niche, and have a signature link to your website. Don’t be spammy and constantly try to sell in forums. Rather, just be yourself and try to be as
helpful as possible.

Make Serious Dollars with Google Adsense

Not interested in selling? Don’t worry, there are ways to make money without selling a thing. One is Google Adsense. Ever see those ads on the side of
Google or in the side panel of a website? That’s Adsense.

Basically, you just have to direct visitors to your site, who in turn click on those ads displayed within its pages, and you get money! Here’s the
skinny on Adsense:

1. Set up a niche website with Adsense – Choose a niche, get a domain, then sign up at Get a free blog from

2. Be Informative- Fill the blog with interesting content by writing articles, posting youtube and other videos, interview experts in your niche. The
more interesting your articles and videos, the better.

3. Promote- Get traffic back to your site with social bookmarking, social media, ping directories, article and RSS feeds, etc. The more you promote,
the more traffic you get, which means more money, how sweet is that?!

4. Get Paid- Finally, add Adsense to your blog! You can really do this at any time, its not hard and there are even plugins if you use WordPress to
manage the ads. Make sure you place your ads in highly visible positions on your site. The higher your click-through-rate (CTR) the more you stand to

Extra: As mentioned above, you can even sell your site if it starts making you money with Adsense.

So now you have an idea of what you can do to make money online. Feel like you’ve got a good chance? I hope so, because creating wealth online is very
straightforward, just choose one of the methods above and get to work!


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Make Money with Writing, Blogging, and eBay!

I’m going to show you three quick and dirty ways to make income online, by working as much or as little as you want, from anywhere in the world,
whenever you choose.

Freelance Writing

Online freelance writing jobs are plentiful, if you know where to look and can distinguish the legitimate opportunities from the potential scams.

Most people don’t have a clue about the wide variety of writing opportunities available to them all over the Internet. These include writing simple
articles, press releases, and even complete e-books.

Some clients pay upfront for your material, offering a certain amount per word or per assignment. Others will pay you per the hour for other writing
and publishing related tasks such as proof-reading and editing web content.

Freelance writing networks such as “The Freelance Writing Jobs Network” are a great place to start looking for writing jobs and advice. And then there
are what I call “freelance matchmaking” sites or “job boards” like and

On these sites, almost every day, thousands of businesses post various types of writing projects, gigs and requests. If you get aggressive in applying
for these open spots, then there’s a virtually unlimited supply of writing opportunities that can make you money relatively quickly.

When starting, reply to as many project requests as possible, offer to work at a reasonable rate (but not dirt cheap), and be quick and responsive.

Landing that first gig is always the hardest step, but once you’ve built up a portfolio and some clientele, you’ll get more and more consistent work.

The key to making money with freelance writing is to quickly produce as many quality pieces as you can for your portfolio, and then use job boards and
social networking strategies to promote your writing. The more traffic you get to your online work, the more companies you’ll have approaching you to
write for them.

Here are some additional tips when setting up your portfolio:

1. Set up a professional web page with your resume, contact information, and some writing samples.

2. Establish yourself as a reputable, talented freelance writer by submitting only your best quality work to potential clients.

3. Network with other busy writers who may be able to send extra work your way. Participate in writers forums by writing useful comments and including
links to your website and online work.

Making Money with eBay

If writing is not your thing, then hop on over to and you can start selling almost anything you can imagine within just minutes.

Imagine having access to 100 million cash-spending buyers. That’s exactly the kind of gold mine that’s waiting for you on eBay. It has over 100
million registered users, all of whom are out there shopping for great deals.

To become a successful eBay seller, first you must first figure out what to sell. You can sell your own items, check out trade shows in your local
area, or search online directories like and to find hot products.

Here’s how to get the most out of your ebay listings and auctions:

1. Create good titles and descriptions, and include quality photos of the items. Write descriptions that stand out, but do not make them obnoxious by
using all capital letters or excessive punctuation. Also, be honest about any defects in the items you have for sale.

2. Consider starting your own eBay store for selling large quantities, since they have a longer run time than typical auctions. Participate in the
eBay community and read the forums to stay involved.

3. Other ways to get traffic to your auctions and items for sale include creating an page on eBay and linking to your auctions from other sites. You
also could register a domain name dedicated solely to promoting your own auctions.

Once you find a hot product, keep selling it, and then gradually find more and more products you can promote. Over time, your income will grow

How to Make Money with Your Own Blog

Blogging is another easy way to make money online. The secret to profitable blogging is to focus on a particular that is, your area of expertise or a
very specific subject that is popular in the search engines.

Here’s how to get started blogging:

1. Like freelance writing, you should approach blogging with the intent to write unique, quality content. Offering useful information and establishing
yourself as a trustworthy resource to your readers will quickly lead to lots of word-of-mouth traffic to your blog. Readers can tell if you do not
know what you are talking about, so do your research and focus on producing quality content.

2. Starting a blog is as simple as getting a free account at,, or another blog hosting site. You can also pay for a domain
name and hosting services if you want to personalize your blog even more. I suggest you start with the free options.

3. Once you have established your blog, then you can focus on monetizing it by incorporating relevant ads through advertising networks like Google
AdSense or Chitika. Affiliate programs such as Amazon also are becoming increasingly popular ways to earn extra revenue. In addition, you could sell
private ads or review products on your blog.

4. Promote your blog by utilizing social networking opportunities such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and blogging forums. If you’re creative, then
you’ll find endless opportunities to promote your blog throughout these social communities.

Freelance writing, selling on eBay, and blogging are only three of the many ways to make money online. They might require an initial investment of
time and effort, but you are likely to see some quick income and even huge profits in the long run if you follow these hints.

Coffee Shop Millionaire is the new, Internet revolution that’s helping people like you to start their own dream business,
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Get Paid To Podcast, Teach, or Publish a Newsletter Online

Making money online is a matter of finding an audience who you can either advertise to or receive direct payment from. Either way, you need something
interesting or informative with which to catch and hold your readers’ attention. Your content is everything.

I’ll show you how you can make money presenting and distributing content via podcast or a newsletter, and how you can connect directly with your
audience as an online tutor.

Getting Paid To Podcast

To create a podcast, you will need a microphone and some recording software. If you have a camera, you can also produce video podcasts.

You can download a free recording program from, where you will also find tutorials on the technical side of podcasting.

When you have the content and are able to produce good quality podcasts, you need listeners. You can find them by submitting your podcast to
directories such as, promoting it through a website or blog, or advertising in forums and newsletters.

The bigger your market, the better. Don’t be afraid of competitive markets, they’re big for a reason–they pay and people are listening!

You will then be able to make money by finding a sponsor who is willing to pay to reach your listeners. You could find your own advertisers, or join a
podcasting network such as

If your content is desirable enough, you can charge for access to it, through services such as iTunes ( If you are selling your
podcast, however, it is a good idea to create a free content version too in order to reach new listeners.

How To Get Paid To Publish Online Newsletters

Even if you prefer the written word to audio podcasting, you will still need to take care of some technical details.

The best way to distribute newsletters is through an autoresponder list service. These can be set up to automatically deliver pre-written emails to
subscribers at set intervals. Each new subscriber will receive all of the emails in your predetermined sequence. That means you can load up a year’s
worth of content (or more), and it’ll automatically publish straight to your subscribers’ email boxes without you touching it again!

A free autoresponder can be downloaded from, while a more professional program can be bought from These programs will also
help with managing your subscriber list, so you stay spam compliant.

A successful newsletter will be attractive, easy to read, and compatible with different computers and internet browsers. You can create beautiful PDF
documents using a free program such as

Also, you do not have to create all your own content. You can get free stock photos and articles from sites such as and You can also pay for pre-written content from sites like

Email newsletters are perfect for marketing your own products, if you are running an online business. You can also make money by selling space to
advertisers or even charging for subscriptions.

By using the tools from services such as, you can grow your online newsletter list to hundreds or even thousands of people.

Get Paid To Teach People All Over the World

If you have knowledge and experience to share then you can do so in a podcast or newsletter, or by writing content for a site such as, who will pay for articles.

Alternatively, you can become an online tutor and communicate directly with students through video chat and email. You could find your own students by
advertising your services on, or join a company who will pair you up with suitable learners.

In order to get the best jobs, you may need some relevant qualifications, such as a degree, proven experience in a particular field, or a teaching
certificate of some kind.

Websites that recruit online teachers include,, and has a teacher directory where you can
describe yourself and potential students can find you.

Coffee Shop Millionaire is the new, Internet revolution that’s helping people like you to start their own dream business, create absolute financial
freedom, and escape the rat race for good, faster than they ever thought possible.

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generate millions of dollars working online from any coffee shop, anywhere in the world.

3 Crucial Tips to Create a Profitable Email List

Whether you are a complete newbie or have been around for a while, the fact remains the same; The money is in the list.

This is internet marketing 101 and everyone hoping to make the big bucks needs to utilise an email list to sell things.

Now, it isn’t quite as simple as getting a bunch of people to give you their email address and you continually throw products or courses at them to buy. So here are my 3 tips that will get you a rock solid list that produces results day after day.

1. Build a relationship.

Sure, you could just send emails with an affiliate link or a product every day and hope that some people buy from you. Then you send out another round of product pitches and once again hope for the best, while accepting your low open percentage and even lower click-through rate. There will be the occasional conversion but there is no longevity in this method as subscribers will get sick of constantly having offers being thrown in their face and there is a high chance they will unsubscribe.

You need to provide valuable content that your list can put to use and appreciate and then look forward to the next email they receive from you. There needs to be a good mix of relationship building messages and selling messages in order to maximise profits.

You should look at it as you are genuinely trying to help these people as they are not only customers but also fellow marketers trying to better their own lives. Send them useful information, tips, tricks, and stories that will help them connect to you on a personal level. If they trust you and enjoy reading what you have to say they are much more likely to trust the product you are offering. They might also recommend your blog or your offers which will gain you more subscribers and more $$$. So, remember; relationship first, selling second and after a while, they will combine together to create a killer campaign that is 100% trustworthy and valuable.

2. Place email opt-in form at the top of your sidebar

Now, imagine you are a potential subscriber and you are reading a blog that has caught your attention. You have liked the content on the blog and would love to read the free newsletter that is sent out to subscribers but you can’t find where to sign up. You look for a minute but can’t find it and then move on to the next blog.

This is possible income leaving your blog and the problem can be easily fixed. All you need to do is put a nice and simple looking email form right at the top of your page where it is seen immediately and the visitor knows exactly where to go to opt-in. You will see your email list increase greatly with such a simple trick.

3. Split test your email campaigns.

Not every email you send out will work with every person on your list. So it only makes sense to test different headlines, days and times to send, lengths of the email and type of offer, amongst other variables. You will need to test each of these things individually to identify what works best with your subscribers and as a result make a completely optimised email campaign.

For example, one day you could test the length of email you have by sending one version which is long and full of content and another which is short, sweet and straight to the point. After the day you can compare the two and find out which one performed better. You then try the exact same thing for another variable like headline and after a week or two you should know what your audience responds to and be able to send them completely targeted offers and make mega dollars.

So, now that you know some of the tips to make your email list better, you are one step closer to making a great income online.

Affiliate Marketing Automation Tools to Help Make Business a Little Easier

Features of a Good Affiliate Marketing Automation Tool

Utilizing tools to create an autopilot system to your advantage in the affiliate marketing field is called affiliate marketing automation. These tools often simplify processes many marketers find excruciatingly tedious. Many of them have developed products and programs to help make these tedious processes seem like they don’t exist, allowing for the smart marketer to focus on more creative and business-growing ventures.

These tools will significantly reduce work load and the number of human resources required to perform certain tasks.

There are many affiliate marketing automation tools available online. Many of these tools are focused on the platform of inbound marketing. Now, you might be curious as to what tools you can use to help make the crucial operations of your business much more simple.

Tracking Tools

Tracking the number of clicks, sales, and leads made when it comes to affiliate marketing is an absolute necessity. There are many tools on the market that allow you to do this. Seeing your conversion rates are only possible with these tools. These conversions are absolutely critical to your marketing campaigns, as they let you know if they are effective or not.

Landing Page Software

Landing pages are used to increase conversion rate and lower costs. The tools created for making these landing pages allow affiliate marketers to generate these landing pages on cue and prompt visitors into making purchases or giving them details. There are many options in this field, and many can be customized.

Behavior-Based Triggers

Behavior-based triggers are very important affiliate marketing automation tools, as they give a human touch to your marketing campaigns. These tools allow you to send messages to audiences that are more personal. Such messages heavily increase conversion rates, as it makes it seem as if they were written by actual people like you, rather than some machine generated script.

Closed-Loop Marketing Analytics

Closed-loop marketing analytics are very reliable affiliate marketing automation tools for management, admin functions, and organizational purposes. These tools often help monitor and communicate with customers to improve relationship and interaction. These can lower administration costs and allow for better performance, reduced risks, and better detailing and reports. This can allow you to make very powerful marketing campaigns that could lead to some massive, solid conversions.

Custom Visitor Segmentation

Custom visitor segmentation tools allow you to gather data about your visitors, and afterward, manage and organize that data. This can allow you to study and evaluate your visitors to pinpoint your target market and make adjustments accordingly.

Simple Strategy For How To Make Money Online By Blogging

This simple strategy will show you how to make money online by blogging as quickly and easily as possible.

Whilst one of the best strategies to make money online, blogging is a slow and long term process that requires patience. But if you stick at it over the coming months your efforts will be more than rewarded.

In this article we will go over a simple blogging strategy as well as reveal the best way for beginners to make money with their blog.

The first step to making money by blogging is to get lots of visitors to your blog on a daily basis.

Obviously with a brand new blog with no content this is going to take a bit of time to build up, but keep at it and you will do well.

To get things moving it is time to get a good amount of blog posts typed up and published to your website.

First of all, decide which niche your blog will be based around. Health and fitness, business, entertainment, one of your hobbies? And then write lots of content around that same subject area.

My expertise is in internet marketing and online business so that is the sort of topic I write my blog posts around. Over time Google has seen my blog as somewhat of an authority on the subject and rewards me with daily visitors.

Unlike what you may have been told before, you do not need to be an SEO expert to get lots of website traffic. You do not even need to rank your content on the first page of Google. The reason for this is that most traffic comes from long tail keyword phrases and not the main high traffic term you choose to target.

You will often find that your visitors arrive to a certain blog post from weird and random keyword phrases that you did not even realise you were optimized for.

The best way of increasing the chances that your content will pop up on Google for these weird and wonderful terms is to simply have lots and lots of blog posts out there.

How many blog posts should you write per day? I would say start off with 1 blog post per day to keep you motivated and on track and then when you have got in a groove to steadily build it up to 3 blog posts a day.

It might sound a lot of content to write up, but if you type up each blog post in the same sort of way you chat to your friends when answering a simple question they have (which is what blog posts are for) then it should only take you 10 minutes or so per piece of content.

So now you have all this blog traffic from your posts, the next step is to make money blogging online by promoting affiliate programs.

The focus of your blog should be designed around capturing the email address of your visitors to build an email list, and then to promote affiliate programs to this email list to make money blogging with affiliate marketing.